Arriving at Goldsmiths at the end of the 90’s Fleur soaked up the rhythm of the student art life whilst studying film. After a short stretch searching for a voice in the UK film industry with an eye on cinematography, broke out and took to photography as a way of taking control of her creative voice and affording a greater liberty and experimentation to the practice, whilst taking with her a cinematic approach to her work.

Since then has mainly produced editorial work for independent magazines, such as Schon!, Nataal, ODDA, Art Review, Design Scene, The Photographers Journal, been a contributing editor for 4 years at Crash magazine in Paris as well as completing a Masters in photography.

Now looking to broaden her interests in a new venture and developing her own magazine and brand titled WILD PALM WORLD set to launch later this year taking on philosophy, science-fiction, erotic fiction and fake news as emblematic thematics, all within a luxury setting and launching in Los Angeles.

Art director, photographer and filmmaker. Concerned with the mystery stories that lie within us.

Currently represented in London and Los Angeles.

Contact:  UK +44(0)7932624237  LA Rep +1 (323) 557 0955

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